When things go wrong…

We saw a Facebook ad this week for a well-known online store builder. It was for a plugin that would back up your data to prevent you losing all of your products due to user error.

We found this funny and terrifying in equal measure. This is why….

  • With our service ALL of your data is backed up every night to ensure we can always roll you back if something terrible happens. But it rarely does, because….
  • We offer training and support in how to export a copy of all your products to work with offline when making lots of changes; and we also show you how to keep a copy of said export, just in case…
  • And anyway, if you do delete all your products, they just go into the ‘recycle bin’. So just like Windows, you can restore them if you do get ‘click happy’.

You shouldn’t have to buy this as an ‘extra’. Peace of mind should be included.


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Paul Mc.

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