Pretty Crazy Stuff

I've been 'messing around' with the internet since I bought my first desktop PC from Dixons in the late 90s. My first website was built after reading a huge tome which was essentially a dictionary of HTML. There was a lot of trial and error...

Since those distant days of dial up internet, I've been involved in many weird and wonderful projects. With a background in sales I've always looked for novel solutions that could be brought in on a tight budget.

My favourite was the client that required live data from their wind and solar farms across Europe. Live graphs showing wind, sunshine and electricity production. The maths were fairly straightforward, but how was I going to get wind and solar data?

I discovered that there are personal weather stations across Europe that effectively broadcast this data at regular intervals. It was simply a case of grabbing the data from locations as close to the wind and solar farms as possible, and, 'doing the math'.

Not all projects are directly related to the internet, sometimes clients just have a requirement and know that I can't say no to a challenge.

Like the time I was asked if I could generate a million random codes and associate them with prizes for an instant win promotion for a High Street retailer.

And sometimes it is for my technical ability. While the Richard III re-internment was being broadcast live on Channel 4, Leicester Cathedral employed me to sit in front of my computer in my shorts and ensure their website could deal with the huge visitor numbers during the commercial breaks.

I've been involved with some pretty crazy projects over the last twenty years. Please feel free to challenge me with a new one. 🙂

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