Improve Site Speed


Flexible, monthly payments.

UK Based Support

Paul is based in the UK, and you'll have access to him whenever you need him. No call centres, no ticketing system.

Just a friendly voice when you need support or assistance.

Call Paul, get Paul.

Carbon-Neutral Hosting

The environment is something we should all take seriously, and data servers are known to be massive consumers of power.

Paul utilises the Google Cloud Platform for all of his hosting due to their commitment to carbon neutrality. Where they are unable to generate 100% renewable energy, they off-set their carbon use.

Truly Personal Service

Paul is all about building relationships with people. You are not one of hundreds and thousands of accounts. You are an important member of Paul's extended web family.

He will remember the name of your pets, and when you're away on holiday and need somebody to keep an eye on your website.

Paul cares because his business relies on it. He isn't an employee.


Business Class Email

Included with all hosting accounts, and also included with our pay monthly websites and conversions.

You may be using Office 365 or Google Workspace, and that is absolutely fine, but if you need a professional looking email address for your business, on a robust and easy to use platform, Paul has you covered.

Full Daily Back ups

Daily back ups are automatically taken each night. There is no additional charge for this.

Sometimes things go wrong. A client recently called in a mad panic, and within 5 minutes their website was rolled back to first thing that morning. All sorted.

Unlimited Site Changes

For sites built by Paul you will have full control to make any and every change you need.

Alternatively, you can ask Paul to help.

In either case, you will always have the flexibility to add additional pages or change the design to suit your changing needs.


Clean an Oven

Colin had a pre-existing website, but required some amends, and wanted more control over the site content. As the site was a static html site, this simply wasn’t possible. There were also issues with the site being viewed on mobile devices. Paul worked with Colin to convert the site to a WordPress installation, and during…