Accomplish more with 100% effective Virtual Website Management

For many small businesses who may employ a sales team and perhaps even a marketing team, it doesn't necessarily make commercial sense to employ a full-time web professional.

But, they do require ongoing, regular (perhaps even daily) support for their website. Whether it is updating pricing & offers, or just having somebody on hand to adjust shipping costs and add new products; it isn't a full-time job, but it is a job that needs doing.

We can help. For a monthly retainer based on the expected work load, we will take on all aspects of your website updates and maintenance; working in conjunction with your sales or marketing team to ensure they happen in a timely manner. You can also take advantage of Paul's experience for advice on your online activities.


We can't offer examples of clients we work with on this basis due to confidentiality. But we can offer a typical example based on a real client.

Our client is both a manufacturer and distributor. They currently have three websites. An ecommerce store offering direct to consumer sales; a corporate site with details of both the company and access to technical data to their product range; and several smaller 'satellite' sites that feed into both the above. These satellite sites are also used for Google Ads landing pages.

We manage the administrative tasks on all of the above. From product amends to site maintenance, the MD and his sales manager know that we are on-call seven days a week to assist.

The cost of the above service is £400 per month. Significantly cheaper than employing a full-time member of staff.

Virtual Website Management

Paul has worked with the web for over 25 years. He was there when emails came into a computer based down in the Computer Department of a national retailer, and you checked the company inbox once a week!

He has worked for high street retailers in website management roles, so not only does he understand the technical aspects of doing business online, but he also has extensive experience of dealing with online transactions and the logistics of picking, packing and despatch of goods.

"Paul has extensive experience in all aspects of online publishing and ecommerce. Your business can take advantage of 25 years of experience without the commitment of employing a full-time professional."

If virtual website management is more than you need and you're looking for more ad-hoc support with your website then why not take advantage of Paul's web clinic? His advice is free, and any work carried out is on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to keep your costs under control.

Regardless of which service makes more sense, you can be assured that you will be getting quality support at the very best prices. Paul doesn't subscribe to paying for his experience, just a fair price for the time spent supporting your business.

You really don't have anything to lose. Contact Paul today to discuss your requirements. He is always happy to chat about anything web-related, and loves finding solutions to knotty web problems.

Are you a marketing or creative agency? If so, please check out our Agency Web Support service. Amongst our services we offer a design-to-web service. We work with your designer to implement their design as a website. Depending on the web experience of the designer, we will either very quickly convert their work into a fully-functioning website; or we will work with the designer to offer suggestions and compromises to ensure their design is accessible, robust and user-friendly. You can also take advantage of our virtual website management service for your clients.

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Working with Paul is frictionless. If we need a job done, he is quick to respond and willing to challenge us if what we want can be achieved in a better way.

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